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At Freestone Financial Group, we specialize in a customized, coordinated approach to benefits, risk management, and HR strategies to fuel your businesses’ growth. It all starts with our service-oriented consultants, who serve as an expert extension of your in-house HR and employee benefits team. From cost containment and customer service, to communication, compliance, and wellness, Freestone’s expertise in the mechanics of healthcare, 401(k), risk management, and employee culture allow you to focus on recruiting and retaining the best employees, while achieving success by improving the lives of your employees and dependents.

Freestone believes that each client has unique benefit objectives that require specialized solutions. Our culture of service and innovation fuels our mission to deliver custom benefit solutions, including insightful strategic planning, fact-based analytics and high-tech innovations to deliver industry-leading employee benefit programs.

Managing employee benefits is not just an annual activity to be rushed through during renewal season, rather an on-going evolutionary process. Our team members integrate with your business to properly execute and optimize your employee benefits program to achieve the intended outcome. Our team of expert consultants are committed to thoroughly learning the ins and outs of your business, developing sustainable workflows, designing and implementing comprehensive solutions, and actively monitoring results.

Because everyone benefits from a great employee benefits program.

Scientifically Sound

Built on a foundation of time-tested analytics, Freestone empowers both employers and employees to be stewards of their own healthcare and make informed, data-driven decisions.

Quantifiable ROI

Take the guessing game out of employee wellness with expert insights to help you create optimal, customized plans with the ability to monitor, measure, and track results.

Highly Inclusive

Not just a reward for the healthiest employees, our plans are designed to address the health needs of all employees, extending right into the home by impacting the health of spouses and dependents.

A Thoughtful Process

Starting with an in-depth understanding of your unique work environment, our wellness approach is to formulate and execute a targeted strategy to create a healthier workplace, both today and in the future.

we specialize in…

Holistic health & wellness programs / Incentive-driven approach / Simple yet effective management tracking
Expert-led seminars / Onsite & online health coaching options